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Dell Joins Kepware IoT Alliance Program

Kepware and Dell collaborate to provide customers with turnkey solutions for industrial connectivity and analytics at the edge

A recent Genpact Research Institute survey shows 81 percent of executives agree that Internet of Things (IoT) adoption will be critical to the future success of their companies, yet only 25 percent have a clear Industrial IoT strategy. Kepware Technologies, a software development business focused on industrial connectivity, today announced Dell as the newest member of its IoT Alliance. The alliance was created to reduce risk and time to market for Industrial IoT hardware and software providers—and help customers fuel their IoT strategies with proven, interoperable IoT solutions.

As part of Kepware’s IoT Alliance, Dell is leveraging Kepware’s proprietary KEPServerEX connectivity platform to feed industrial data to its Edge Gateway 5000 Series. The Dell Edge Gateway offers versatile edge computing, enabling organizations to collect, analyze, relay, and act on real-time data from machine sensors and generate accurate, dynamic predictions. Kepware has tested and verified that the Dell Edge Gateway 5000 Series is Kepware Certified for IoT, validating interoperability between KEPServerEX and the Edge Gateway hardware.

“Kepware is the lynchpin for providing industrial connectivity to an IoT partner ecosystem,” said Jason Shepherd, director, IoT Strategy and Partnerships, Dell. “Our collaboration allows customers to get their industrial IoT projects up and running quickly for faster solution deployment to the field.”

The IoT Alliance Program is comprised of a strategic network of leading IoT solutions providers including Splunk, Informatica and fellow PTC business ThingWorx. Members represent a broad range of industries committed to growing and shaping the global IoT industry through smart technology, thought leadership, and education initiatives. Alliance members collaborate closely with program founder Kepware and other members to release proven, interoperable solutions for mutual customers.


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