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Custom Interface Driver - CID

Product # KWP-CUSID0-PRD

(Custom Interface Driver - Patent Pending) is the ideal solution to quickly and easily add proven interoperability to any of your custom integration projects, from small applications with one deployment, to the delivery of professional packaged for deployment industry wide. The Custom Interface Driver is an additional interface to KEPServerEX, like a communications driver, enabling easy, secure and reliable communications between KEPServerEX and your CID compliant software solution (the CID Application). The CID enables your data to be delivered through KEPServerEX, this allows KEPServerEX to treat your information as it does with other data. KEPServerEX delivers your data through its wide range of client interfaces including certified standards such as OPC, and native interfaces for companies like Oracle, Wonderware, GE Intelligent Platforms (GE Fanuc) and others. Now leading third party solutions can interface with, and control your CID Application through interfaces delivered, proven and supported by Kepware.




The Custom Interface Driver is also included in the following:

Building Automation Suite
IT and Infrastructure Suite
Manufacturing Suite
Oil and Gas Suite
Power Distribution Suite

No more OPC Server Toolkits
  • CID Data Sheet
  • CID Sign Up
  • CID Solution Directory
  • CID VS C++ Example Code



CID Features:
  • Relies on "Developer Known" Shared Memory Standards and Constructs
  • XML Based Memory Map Definition
  • Mutex Locking for Memory Access
  • Timeouts for Error Checking
  • Max Processing Values to Avoid Excessive Blocking
  • Definition of Up To 2 gigabytes of Shared Memory
  • Coordination of Processing through Handshakes
    • Read Requests, Write Requests
  • Develop in Any Language that Supports the Windows API
  • Highly Reliable with Shared Memory as Only Application Interaction
  • Free Sample Projects for 微软 Visual Studio 2008 in C++
  • Supports all Standard Data Types and Data Arrays
    • Boolean, Byte, Character, Word, Short, DWord, Long, Float, Double, BCD, LBCD, Date, String, Array
  • Auto-Configuration of the KEPServerEX Project by the CID Application
  • Auto-Configuration through an XML File Import
  • Robust Tag Definition
    • Tag Name, Description, Scan Rate, Scan Floor, Data Type, Read/Write Access, Data Quality, Timestamp
  • CID Application Error Codes Integrated with KEPServerEX Error Log
  • KEPServerEX Integrated - CID Application Identification, Operation, Support, and Contact Information
    • Company Name, Phone, Email, Web, Launch and Help Information
CID Benefits
  • No Toolkits to Purchase or Learn - Just Leverage KEPServerEX
  • CID Applications Leverage All KEPServerEX Standard and Native Client Interfaces
    • OPC, OPC-UA (Future), DDE, Oracle, Wonderware, GE Intelligent Platforms
      (GE Fanuc), etc.
  • CID Applications Benefit from KEPServerEX Options and Add-ons
    • DataLogger, Advanced Tags, LinkMaster, RedundancyMaster, ClientAce
  • CID Applications Instantly Enjoy Proven Compatibility with Kepware OEMs
  • CID Applications Leverage Kepware's Certified* OPC Status
  • CID Applications can use the "Connected with Kepware" Logo
  • CID Applications can be Marketed by Kepware
  • Develop in Any Language that Supports the Windows API
Application Support

What Is a Driver?

KEPServerEX is more than an OPC server—it's a connectivity platform for industrial automation and IoT. Simply download KEPServerEX, and then select from Kepware's library of more than 150 device drivers, client drivers, and advanced plug-ins to fit the communication requirements unique to your industrial control system.

A driver is a software component that enables KEPServerEX to meet the connectivity requirements of a specific device, system, or other data source. The driver handles all proprietary communications to the data source for KEPServerEX; the client interfaces handle all supported OPC, proprietary, and open standards connectivity to applications that monitor or control the devices.

Drivers may be licensed individually or in suites. Additional drivers can be licensed on demand as connectivity needs evolve.


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