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Product List
     Universal Serial/PROFIBUS DP Gateway
     Modbus/PROFIBUS DP Gateway
     Serial/PROFIBUS DP Adaptor
     DeviceNet(Master)/PROFIBUS DP Gateway
     DeviceNet(Slave)/PROFIBUS DP Gateway
     Modbus TCP/PROFIBUS DP Gateway
     SPA to PROFIBUS DP Gateway
     CANopen/PROFIBUS DP Gateway
     PROFIBUS DP/CAN Gateway
     HART / PROFIBUS DP Gateway
     EtherNet IP(Slave)/PROFIBUS DP Gateway
  Industry Ethernet Series
     Modbus TCP/PROFIBUS DP Gateway
     Modbus to Ethernet IP Gateway
     Modbus to Modbus TCP Gateway
     HART to Modbus TCP...
     3-channel HART / Modbus TCP Gateway
     EtherNet IP(Slave)/PROFIBUS DP Gateway
  DeviceNet Series
     Modbus to DeviceNet Gateway
     Modbus to DeviceNet Adapter
     DeviceNet(Master)/PROFIBUS DP Gateway
     DeviceNet(Slave)/PROFIBUS DP Gateway
  CAN/CANopen Series
     CANopen/PROFIBUS DP Gateway
     Modbus(Master)/CANopen Gateway
     Modbus(Master)/CANopen Adaptor
     PROFIBUS DP/CAN Gateway
  HART Series
     HART / PROFIBUS DP Gateway
     HART / Modbus Serial Gateway
     HART to Modbus TCP...
     3-channel HART / Modbus TCP Gateway
   IEC61850 Series
     Modbus/IEC61850 Gateway
  BACnet Series
     Modbus to BACnet IP Gateway
  Embedded Module
     Embedded EtherNet IP Interface...
     Embedded PROFIBUS DP ...
     DeviceNet Chip
  Special Products
     Universal Serial/Modbus Converter (2-Ports)
  SiboTech Software
     Gateway Configuration Software ...
     DNetStart Web Configuration ...
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With IoT, know more about your devices, connect everything, sense everything! IIoT and IoT facilitate the interaction
between devices and users. It brings new and better cross-users experience.
  DeviceNet/PROFIBUS DP Gateway

  • Fast and reliable linking PROFIBUS DP and DeviceNet with data buffering, at the DeviceNet and PROFIBUS DP networks the gateway operates as slave.
  DeviceNet Chip DN1022
  • First DeviceNet slave ASIC.
  • DN1022 makes a cost optimized design of intelligent DeviceNet Slave applications possible.
  • It handles the physical layer 1; the data link layer 2 and application layer of the ISO/OSI-reference-model excluding the analog CAN receive transmit drivers .
DeviceNet DN1022
PROFIBUS / Modbus   Modbus/PROFIBUS DP Gateway
  • The gateway can connect multiple devices with Modbus/RS485/RS232/RS422 interface with PROFIBUS DP, and establish the communication between them. Modbus/RS485/RS232/RS422 network devices can be converted to PROFIBUS DP network devices.
  CANopen/PROFIBUS DP Gateway

  • Fast and reliable linking PROFIBUS DP and CANopen with data buffering, the gateway acts as master or slave at the CANopen network and as slave at the PROFIBUS DP network.
Modbus/ DeviceNet   Modbus/DeviceNet Gateway
  • Fast and reliable linking Modbus/other protocol (User can define the protocol) to DeviceNet with data buffering, the gateway operates as slave at the DeviceNet network; Serial interface Supports RS485/RS422/RS232.
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