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     Universal Serial/PROFIBUS DP Gateway
     Modbus/PROFIBUS DP Gateway
     Serial/PROFIBUS DP Adaptor
     DeviceNet(Master)/PROFIBUS DP Gateway
     DeviceNet(Slave)/PROFIBUS DP Gateway
     Modbus TCP/PROFIBUS DP Gateway
     SPA to PROFIBUS DP Gateway
     CANopen/PROFIBUS DP Gateway
     PROFIBUS DP/CAN Gateway
     HART / PROFIBUS DP Gateway
     EtherNet IP(Slave)/PROFIBUS DP Gateway
  Industry Ethernet Series
     Modbus TCP/PROFIBUS DP Gateway
     Modbus to Ethernet IP Gateway
     Modbus to Modbus TCP Gateway
     HART to Modbus TCP...
     3-channel HART / Modbus TCP Gateway
     EtherNet IP(Slave)/PROFIBUS DP Gateway
  DeviceNet Series
     Modbus to DeviceNet Gateway
     Modbus to DeviceNet Adapter
     DeviceNet(Master)/PROFIBUS DP Gateway
     DeviceNet(Slave)/PROFIBUS DP Gateway
  CAN/CANopen Series
     CANopen/PROFIBUS DP Gateway
     Modbus(Master)/CANopen Gateway
     Modbus(Master)/CANopen Adaptor
     PROFIBUS DP/CAN Gateway
  HART Series
     HART / PROFIBUS DP Gateway
     HART / Modbus Serial Gateway
     HART to Modbus TCP...
     3-channel HART / Modbus TCP Gateway
   IEC61850 Series
     Modbus/IEC61850 Gateway
  BACnet Series
     Modbus to BACnet IP Gateway
  Embedded Module
     Embedded EtherNet IP Interface...
     Embedded PROFIBUS DP ...
     DeviceNet Chip
  Special Products
     Universal Serial/Modbus Converter (2-Ports)
  SiboTech Software
     Gateway Configuration Software ...
     DNetStart Web Configuration ...
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Product type: Universal Serial/PROFIBUS DP Gateway
Order Code: PM-160
Description: The gateway PM-160 can connect serial devices to PROFIBUS DP network...
Product type: Modbus/PROFIBUS DP Gateway
Order Code: PM-127
Description: The gateway PM-127 establishes communication between serials and PROFIBUS DP, and can connect multiple devices with Modbus RTU/ASCII (RS485) interface to PROFIBUS DP...
Modbus/PROFIBUS DP Adapter
Product type: Serial/PROFIBUS DP Adaptor
Order Code: PM-125
Description: Connects a single device with Modbus/RS485 interface to PROFIBUS DP network, and establishes the communication between them...
Modbus/DeviceNet Adaptor
Product type: Modbus/DeviceNet
Order Code: MD-210
Description: The gateway MD-210 can connect multiple Modbus devices with Modbus(RS485/RS232) interface to DeviceNet network....
Modbus/DeviceNet Adaptor
Product type: Modbus/DeviceNet Adapter
Order Code: MD-21U
Description: The gateway MD-21U can connect a device with Modbus (RS485/RS422) interface to DeviceNet network......
Product type: DeviceNet(Master)/PROFIBUS DP Gateway
Order Code: PD-100
Description: The gateway PD-100 can connect DeviceNet salve devices to PROFIBUS DP network....
Product type: DeviceNet(Slave)/PROFIBUS DP Gateway
Order Code: PD-100S
Description: The gateway PD-100S provides a seamless connection between a DeviceNet network and a PROFIBUS DP network and establishes the communication , exchanges data between a DeviceNet master and a PROFIBUS DP master.
Product type: PROFIBUS DP/CAN Gateway
Order Code: PCA-100
Description: The gateway PD-100 can connect any CAN2.0A/2.0B devices to PROFIBUS DP network. and act as a slave on PROFIBUS DP...
Product type: SPA/PROFIBUS DP Gateway
Order Code: PS-121
Description: The gateway PS-121 can connect single device with SPA interface to PROFIBUS DP (V0), i.e. SPA network device can be converted to PROFIBUS network device.......
Product type: Modbus/IEC61850 Gateway
Order Code: iGate-850
Description: Provides a seamless information flow between Modbus and IEC61850 networks; GT200-PN-RS can connect multiple devices with RS-232/RS422/RS-485 interface to IEC61850 network.......
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