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   SiboTech Automation Co., Ltd. is a professional industrial communication solution provider company. We focus on networking the industrial equipments and bridging the islands of control systems.
   We expect to provide our best products and service to you.

        In the fieldbus world, there are too many fieldbus standards. As an industrial automation equipment provider, do you feel it is terrible to face so many fieldbus standards and follow their improvements? With the aid of stable communication adaptor from Sibotech Automation, it is very easy for your device to connect to many widely accept fieldbus. We supply communication adapters and configuration software based on DeviceNet, Ethernet, PROFIBUS DP, HART protocol to you, which have your device connect to fieldbus in shortest time.

        Sibotech Automation also helps you to integrate your control system, power system together with the state-of-the-art technology. Make your control system not to be an island in the automation system.
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