Cherry Blossom Season and Springtime Renewal

"Only a little while, and Nature, the universal disposer, will change everything you see, and out of their substance will make fresh things, and yet again others from theirs, to the perpetual renewing of the world's youthfulness."  
Marcus Aurelius, Meditations
Spring is a time for renewal - of the spirit, of the body, of the home, as it has been for thousands of years.

Living in a climate with four seasons, it's hard not to feel the magnetic pull of springtime: the world around you literally and figuratively comes back to life, shifting from bleak browns to vibrant shades of pink and violet, pristine white and sunshine yellow, and, finally, a sharp and verdant green. The air takes on a refreshing warmth after the cold winter months, and you can't get enough of daytime strolls and soaking in the sunshine.

Nothing is more emblematic of spring than cherry blossoms. I'm lucky to live across a park whose lanes are bounded by Japanese Cherry Trees, and no matter how busy the day-to-day hustle gets, I always make time to stroll through the winding lanes and soak in the beauty of these magnificent pink-and-white pompoms. They are with us in full bloom only for a few days, but they make the long slog of winer worthwhile.

Your body responds to these seasonal shifts without any effort on your part. I feel a palpable energy in springtime. New Years resolutions have never been my cup of tea, but this - the surge of energy and enthusiasm when the world changes color and you feel the warm air on your skin - always sets me up for a little realignment. 

My spring renewal is: 
Body: Putting on my sneakers and heading out for the first outdoor run of the season to revel in the freedom of open space, warmth, and sunshine.  
Home: Clearing out accumulated bric-a-bracs and rolling up my sleeves for a deep clean. I love Mrs. Meyer's lavender all-purpose cleaning spray - it leaves the house smelling like a bouquet. 
Spirit: Taking long, aimless strolls, enjoying the sights and sounds of spring. 
What are your renewal rituals? 

Yours truly, one refreshing breath at a time,


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