Sunday in Sofia: A Hike on Mt. Vitosha

"Hike" may be a strong word to use for the leisurely stroll we took on Vitosha one Sunday over the holidays, but it does make me feel like we accomplished more than sloshing lazily through the snow for thirty minutes. 

Vitosha is a quick drive from Sofia's city center. In not time, you can go from the smoggy, traffic-ridden bustle of urban life to a lung-cleansing oasis of cool air, crunching snow, and breathtaking views. We chose to visit "Kopitoto," an area marked by an old television tower that looks like a giant warning finger over the surrounding landscape. It is oddly beautiful in its concrete glory, especially when it basks in the hazy glow of the setting sun.

There is something so necessary in visiting nature. Never mind the cleansed lungs and ruddy, fresh-air cheeks. Seeing little plants thriving under a pile of snow, or trees reaching with their stoic limbs toward the sun, or the sky floating above you in its incomprehensibly vast expanse is just as much food for the soul as for the body. Your mind starts to wander along calmer roads, leaving behind the frenetic energy of daily life. Your breathing slows (except when you're huffing and puffing up tiny little hills that put you to shame). And you start to feel that little (or not-so-little) knot in your chest being to unwind like a coiled spring, leaving you with a sense of calm and pure, unadulterated joy.

This is how life is supposed to feel. 

One freeing breath at a time,



Anonymous said...

That's beautiful Radina. : )

Sara M.

Radina Valova said...

Thank you so much, Sara!