Goodbye, Autumn, and Hello, Mr. President!

The shift from fall to winter was rather sudden along the East Coast this year. "Superstorm Sandy" did tremendous damage to the region's infrastructure and to people's lives, but she also stripped bare many of the beautiful fall leaves before their time. I am not, of course, listing this among the tragedies of the storm - that would be insensitive and downright silly - but I do wish that fall had stayed with us a little longer. (On a completely unrelated topic, I'm extremely glad that President Obama will be staying with us for another four years! Yesterday's election was incredibly exciting. It's such a thrill to see our democracy in action.)

Thankfully, my roommate, S., and I had the chance to see Autumn's glory during a recent hike in West Harrison's Silver Lake Preserve. The hiking trails wrap around Silver Lake, and you can catch gorgeous glimpses of sunlight sparkling on the water, geese floating by, staring at you with their beady little eyes (I'm not a fan of geese), and the lovely West Harrison neighborhoods lucky enough to have a view of this glorious scene. The hike is fairly easy, but there are some good butt-crunching hills. Depending on which trails you take and how much exploring you do, it can take anywhere from 1-2 hours to see the whole area.

Westchester has a lot to offer: gorgeous hiking areas, quaint towns, great restaurants, and a lot of history. (And for Mad Men fans, you can get a glimpse of Don and Betty Draper's mid-century suburban dream.) I hope city-weary New Yorkers will take the quick train ride up to explore the region and escape into a greener, more spacious world.

Yours truly, one bite at a time,


Westchester Link-Love
Getting to White Plains: Take the Metro-North Railroad from Grand Central to White Plains. See the Metro-North trip planner for train times. Tickets are $15.50 round-trip off-peak.

Getting to Silver Lake Preserve: Taxis are available from the White Plains train station and cost approximately $7-8 one way. Public transit in White Plains is a bit spotty but Google Maps has a handy trip planner. Enter White Plains Metro North as your starting destination.

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