Sunday Morning Reads: Brunch in London and a Little Inspiration

Recipe for a relaxing Sunday morning: solitude, silence, a cup of steaming hot coffee, and traversing the blogosphere in search of little treasures. Life is settling back into a pleasant routine post-bar exam, but I am already itching for the next voyage, the next adventure. For now, finding inspiration in the travels and experiences of fellow bloggers will do - and there is much to savor.

Nikki Gardner of Art and Lemons has been an inspiration for many months. She never stops creating, never stops exploring her neck of the woods, and she seems to take just as much pleasure in mini-voyages to her nearby park as in traveling long-distance. I love her photos and her writing, and the sense of adventure she imparts to even the simplest daily activities. This post in particular is a push to keep up your creative spirit even when you feel like there is no time for it. (And this post, too, about the pleasures of summer, makes me want these hot summer days to never end.)

If you have ever felt awkward photographing food in restaurants, you might want to stop by Gourmande In The Kitchen. Brian Samuels, a guest-blogger, offers some tips on how to make it a more comfortable experience.

Some days, I miss London so much that I can't imagine not spending the rest of my life - or a good chunk of it - there. I am waiting for the day when I can walk those winding streets again, even if it's only for a brief vacation. And so I often find myself at My Brunch Guide, taking notes on brunch spots I'd like to try the next time I visit. The folks at My Brunch Guide have compiled quite an impressive resource base, and at the moment, I have my eyes (and stomach) set on the Workshop Coffee Co. in Clerkenwell. Thyme-roasted mushrooms. Toasted banana bread with date and orange jam and espresso mascarpone. Must they tease us non-Londoners so? 

Yours truly, one bite at a time,



Anonymous said...

I could not agree more, Radina. I catch myself romanticizing about London often.

Until your next London brunch, have fun exploring and sharing NY with everyone! xx

Radina Valova said...

Thank you!