It's Snowing!

Mother Nature has a very cheeky sense of humor. It's Halloween weekend, a time for revelry and late-night cavorting about town, when young dames and gents strut their stuff in otherwise unacceptably skimpy clothes - in warmer weather, that is. I am curious to see just how many brave souls will venture out in their "sexy (insert costume here)" outfits on a day like this. Fortunately, my costume won't require a revision; as Queen Anne Boleyn (pre-beheading), I'll be warmly wrapped in a long-sleeved dress and cape and boots. But I still can't believe it's snowing in October.

Why, oh why, did I ever leave L.A.?

Whatever your plans are for this wicked night, be safe, have fun, and do check the weather forecast just in case.

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