Everybody Needs a Good Makeover Once in a While

Dear Reader,

You may have noticed that things look different at BiteSizedWorld. Sometimes, we all need to reinvent ourselves a little - by remaining open to change, we invite new and good things into our lives. While the spirit of this blog remains the same, I will be adding a few new features over the coming weeks, with more tips, stories and good times to come. I am especially excited about the new "Eating and Reading" section, which pairs food or travel books with recipes from the cities and countries that they feature, and I welcome any book or recipe recommendations that you want to share. Join me as we continue celebrating the Good Life!

Yours truly, one bite at a time,



lawprof said...

Like the new look very much.

lawprof said...

You're a naturally gifted observer and writer, Radina.

Radina Valova said...

Thank you so much!