The Accidental Tourist

New York to New Jersey to Los Angeles, back to New York then to Boston and back to New York again.

This was my recent travel itinerary, spanning the two weeks after our last day of finals (I just survived my first year of law school). While I’ve always loved to travel, I never expected to cover four states in two weeks on a sheer strike of fate! Without going into the reasons for this accidental tourism, let me just dive right into Boston and NYC.

Boston was a blur, as I was there for only 24 hours, just enough time to take a trolley bus tour and an hour-long boat ride through Boston Harbor. It’s a lovely city, full of history and charming neighborhoods, and it boasts a fantastic Little Italy – much more impressive than NYC’s stretch on Mulberry Street (though I can’t blame that neighborhood for gentrifying – who can really control zoning, economics, and migration patterns?). If you find yourself in Boston for a short period of time, try the tour bus / boat ride combination – you’ll get a sweeping view of the city and a good introduction to its character and charm. You can purchase trolley tickets at South Station, and if you ride the Boston Hop-on Hop-off Trolley Tour, you get a second day free. Note: The trolley stops at 18 locations throughout the city so you can get off and explore on foot as well.

And that’s that for Boston! Brief, I know, but I look forward to a longer visit in the near future.

After the 24-hour rush through Beantown, I took a bus to NYC in the middle of the night with three friends, and we arrived at 7th Ave. and 34th Street at 4:30am on a Sunday morning. Needless to say, New York really is a city that never sleeps – the inebriated post-club crowd stumbled along the otherwise empty streets as we found our way to breakfast.

New York City definitely gives L.A. a run for its money in the food department, but I have to admit that a good breakfast is hard to find. By “good”, I mean something reasonably priced and more creative than your standard diner fare (and yes, I’m making a direct allusion to Doughboy’s in Los Angeles, which is still hands-down my favorite breakfast place in the WORLD. Let’s see how many blog posts go by before I mention it again). However, Café Select in SoHo comes pretty damn close to filling that culinary void – the Uovo Ticinese is a fantastic balance of flavors and texture: pancetta, soft polenta, oven dried tomatoes, and poached eggs, served with garlicky butter-parsley toast… mmmmm! The warm polenta melts in your mouth, the pancetta adds a delightfully salty tang, and parsley gives everything a refreshing burst of flavor. I love nothing more than a creative egg dish for breakfast! 

The crowd at Café Select is mellow-hip, the interior is charming, and although there’s no outdoor seating, the front windows stay open during the summer so you can enjoy the open air. Note: coffee refills cost $1.00 (the cups are small, so I got a bit carried away).

New York City is a wonderful place to spend the summer, but as I am interning in Albany, most of my posts will focus on upstate New York for the next couple of months. Fortunately, there is no shortage of things to do in upstate NY, as the Capital Region offers a wealth of historic sites and a rich summer program of live music, theater, and art. Agritourism is also very well developed here, and as an avid foodie with an increasing focus on sustainable eats, I’m looking forward to visiting local farms and markets. 

Yours truly, one bite at a time,


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