Back In Action

Life has a funny way of teaching us lessons. Almost one full year has passed since I started this blog and last wrote anything, and while I would like to sincerely apologize for this shamefully long absence and whole-heartedly promise that it won't happen again (barring exceptional circumstances - I'm a law student, there must always be an out clause), I would like to turn now to the heart of the matter: one year, one long absence, and many lessons later, I'm right back where I started, with a whole lotta' delicious food and good travels behind me and an unclear future ahead. Here are a few of the more important things I've learned along the way.

Lesson 1: A wise man - I don't know who - once said, "Turn your face toward Heaven, but tie your camel to a tree." Meaning (according to my personal definition), go ahead and dream about that perfect blog article, but don't forget that blogs don't write themselves. It's never too late to share that amazing Thai restaurant you discovered in NYC last August, but the point is that you have to do the writing - you can't just sit around waiting for fickle inspiration to grace you with its presence. Otherwise, a whole year will have gone by before you know it, with a slew of delectable eats lost along the way (possibly with your photos of them). 

Which leads directly to Lesson 2: back up your computer data. Because you may find that all the photos of your recent trip disappeared along with your failed hardrive. I spent four months in London this year and took the obligatory weekend trips to continental Europe (Brussels, Amsterdam, Paris, Sofia), and with uncanny timing, my computer crashed four days before I was set to leave, destroying every single photo I took. So much for posting pictures of that charming Paris bistro.

As for Lesson 3, it is simply this: the world is equal parts very big and very small. Our generation has an unparalleled freedom of movement, and this freedom is powerfully intoxicating. Looking ahead, you see an exciting deluge of options spreading out before you in all directions, and it's up to you to grab a compass and direct your own path through the world, to find a place where you can belong, at least for a little while, until the next journey begins. The world really is your oyster, and even though there may be very real limitations on where you can go and what you can do (language barriers, dangerous travel conditions, limited job opportunities, etc.), this generation has far more options than our parents and grandparents could ever have dreamed of. My own mother, at 28, left then-Communist Bulgaria to seek her fortunes in the U.S., following in the hopeful footsteps of millions of others from across the world. She grew up in a country that generally prohibited its citizens from traveling abroad; could she have known when she left Bulgaria that, 20 years later, her daughter, at the very same age (28), would have the freedom to move to almost any country in the world? 

Because it's my time now to make that choice. Compass in hand, I face the future, not knowing where my feet will take me - truly, genuinely not knowing which continent, let alone which country, I will call home next year. But one thing is certain: lessons in hand, I will not make the mistake of waiting for inspiration to reach me before I start writing. It's time to dive right back into sharing good times, good food, and great travels. Cheers!

Yours truly, one bite at a time,


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